Killington Logo YETI Rambler 26oz with Straw Lid


Official Killington Logo Drinkware!

The supremely insulated Rambler® 26 oz. Cup is built for big swigs from dawn ‘til dusk, retaining every degree of your drink's temp. Plus, it’s topped with the fan-favorite Straw Lid so you can say goodbye to single-use plastic straws. 

The Rambler Straw Lids are built to last and have a molded-in stopper that holds your straw safely in place. And just like other Rambler Lids, it’s shatter-resistant, dishwasher-safe, and completely free of BPA.

Please note that this Straw Lid is not for use with hot beverages. If looking to enjoy with a hot beverage, check out our YETI mug: Killington Logo YETI Rambler 24oz Mug with Lid : Killington Sports